Investing in Team Building events is the best choice your company can make.

At The Eventor we know very well how boring corporate events can be. In most offices, when someone says "there is a conference scheduled" or "there is a team building event to attend", employees compete to find an excuse and not attend.

On the contrary, despite the reputation that are far from interesting, corporate events are the most important investment for your staff. A team building event, for example, builds personal relationships and increases trust between colleagues, relieves conflicts, encourages communication and increases collaboration. Creative and stimulating corporate events lead to greater employee involvement within the company, making them more involved and increasing productivity and profits.

At The Eventor, we like to think we've created a great workplace and corporate events are an important part of that. So how do you organize a successful conference or a memorable team building experience? Here are some basic rules to follow when planning an event for your employees.

Activities focused exclusively on the company are less effective and more boring than a creative event in which colleagues find themselves sharing a fun experience working towards a common result. Finding a different venue, such as an online team building event directly from your home, can greatly contribute to the success of the day.

Happiness and learning always go together. People like to try new things, especially if there is someone to share them with. We at The Eventor always encourage creativity, because getting out of the comfort zone puts us all on the same level and allows all participants to learn while relaxing and enjoying the experience to the fullest. This organic bonding is much more advantageous for the company than any other imposed event.


A team building event should be considered as an investment rather than an expense. Surely, especially if you are a growing company, paying for an event for all your employees may seem like a drain, but when viewed from an investment perspective it certainly represents future growth for your company. A team made up of loyal and happy people will always perform better. Employees make the company important and a company made up of unhappy employees or employees not used to working as a team will not give the desired results in the long run.


Do not let the return to the office make disappear the complicity that has arisen between colleagues during team building events. Find ways to keep the enthusiasm alive and communication open. Try to nurture the relationships that arise during an event by creating opportunities for staff to get to know each other and hang out during breaks or outside working hours.

We at The Eventor have created different events, by budget and category, in order to meet all types of companies with creative and original ideas for unforgettable days. Contact us now at 3270615355 or send us an email to to speak to one of our expert corporate event organizers and choose the one that's right for you.



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